Tigre, une mort annoncée ?

Un très beau film réalisé par  Mr Krishnendu Bose ,que j’ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer lors d’un séjour à Kaziranga

La chronique de la fin (possible pour ne pas dire probable ) du Tigre en liberté . Un témoignage poignant qui devrait nous inciter à l’action


Synopsis: Tiger, the national animal, the most charismatic animal on the face of the Earth – is in severe crisis today. It’s prey, habitat and the animal itself is being decimated. Tiger- the death chronicles, sharp focuses this crisis. The film is presented and directed by Krishnendu Bose, someone who has spent 20 years, making conservation films. He takes the viewers on a journey through the Tiger’s Terrain, to explore the crisis. The film travels to tiger hotspots like Sariska, Panna, Buxa, to unravel nuts and bolts of the crisis. Tiger- the death chronicles in 63 minutes encapsulates 30 years of conservation attitude in this country. For the first time ever, a film joins diverse voices, from tiger scientists and conservationists to ordinary citizens, to attempt a brutal and an honest assessment of the present and the future of the Indian tiger and it’s habitat.